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Terms of service - sipgate1000

sipgate1000 is a monthly bundle of call minutes. The package includes 1000 call minutes for landline calls to the UK. The minutes can be used on any extension with the appropriate port of the account.

Subject matter of the Terms of Service "sipgate1000" is the service offering of sipgate GmbH described below.

The following specification is part of the terms and conditions of sipgate GmbH - in conjunction with the Terms and conditions and with the Telecommunications Act (TKG).


1. Contract
1.1. Booking
1.2. Conclusion of the contract
1.3. sipgate account
1.4. Term and Termination
1.5. sipgate credit account
1.6. Itemized
1.7. Call logs / event lists
1.8. Online Access
2. Feature sipgate 1000
2.1. Coverage
2.2. Pricing/Billing/Tariffs
2.3. Unused Minutes
2.4. Time frame/Renewal/Cancellation


1. Contract

1.1. Booking

sipgate1000 is only available with a sipgate basic account. It is valid only for the account it was booked for.

sipgate1000 can easily be booked in the Feature Store.

1.2. Conclusion of the contract

Contractors are sipgate GmbH (hereinafter "sipgate"), and Gladbach Str. 74, 40219 Dusseldorf (Dusseldorf District Court, HRB 39841) and the customer.

The contract is concluded in accordance with the provisions of the Terms and Conditions.

If the customer has to pay a fee for the following services, the price list is governed by this either in these specifications or in the current version. The current version of the respective price list for each product is linked at the end of this document.

1.3. sipgate account

sipgate has the customer in accordance with legal and contractual provisions to a so-called sipgate account. This includes the totality of the contractual relationship between the customer and sipgate relevant data. In this context, the customer is assigned a customer number. As part of this account sipgate also conducts the credit account of the customer.

Every customer can per person is open an account. sipgate is entitled to block additional accounts of a customer and delete them.

1.4. Term and Termination

The term of the underlying agreement on VoIP services is one calendar month. In the first month of the contract period is only the period up to the end of the month. After expiry of a calendar month, the contract is extended - if it is not canceled - by one month.

The contract may be terminated by either party at any time with a period of one working day at the end of a calendar month neat (ie, between the notice of termination and the date on which the notice is to be effective, must be a full working day lie). The date of receipt of the notice. The notice must be in writing (eg letter, fax or e-mail). sipgate is entitled to request proof of identity / legitimacy of the terminating party.

1.5. sipgate credit account

All sipgate services are prepaid services, ie to take paid services can claim sufficient funds must be charged to the credit sipgate account. If the client is no longer sufficient funds are outgoing calls not possible. The customer, however, is more accessible. The customer has the possibility to charge his credit sipgate account referred to in the Terms sipgate available.

1.6. Itemized

According to the configuration in the sipgate account of the customer, it is possible to retrieve itemized bills. Reference is made to the relevant provisions in the Privacy Policy.

1.7. Call logs / event list

Phone calls, voicemails and text messages (events) are shown to the customer in his sipgate account. The customer can access information (date, time, etc.) of incoming and outgoing connections and make notes to individual events. sipgate stores events for the customer a maximum of 30 days. Beyond this period storage is not guaranteed. therefore sipgate generally recommends a backup copy of each event to customize.

1.8. Online Access

Access to sipgate website is normally available 24 hours a day. However, sipgate assumes no liability for the continuous availability, even for uninterrupted availability of the website callable functions such as call logs, online billing and itemized.

2. Feature sipgate1000

2.1. Coverage

Included are 1000 call minutes for landline calls to the UK. Calls not included in the sipgate1000 package include mobile networks, 08 numbers, premium rate numbers and landlines on the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

When all minutes in the package are used up, the pricing reverts to normal tariff pricing for landline destinations. After using up the included call package allowance, you will be charged at our standard rates.

Calling mobile phones and international numbers will be charged separately at the usual sipgate call rates. UK premium rate numbers are also not covered by sipgate1000.

2.2. Pricing/Tariffs/Billing

sipgate1000 is 5.90GBP per month.

The 5.90GBP charge will be automatically taken from your credit balance every month when the sipgate1000 bundle is active. Activation is done easily in your account online. You can also view the validity period and minutes remaining easily in your account: (sipgate-account view).

A link to our tariffs can be found at the end of this document.

All calls are charged on a per minute basis, i.e. whenever a new minute starts, you will be billed for the entire minute.

2.3. Unused minutes

Minutes not used at the end of the month will not be rolled-over into the next month.

2.4. Time frame/renewal/cancellation

The validity period is one calendar month. In the first month of the contract period is only the period up to the end of the month. After expiry of a calendar month, the contract is extended - if it is not canceled - by one month.

The sipgate1000 option can only be booked once within the validity period. i.e. If you use up all of your minutes before the month is up, all further landline calls will be charged at the normal sipgate call rate until sipgate1000 is renewed again.

You may cancel the sipgate1000 up to the day before the plan is renewed. If you don\'t cancel in time, sipgate1000 will automatically roll over into the next month and the payment will be automatically deducted from your call credit.


sipgate GmbH,
Dusseldorf March 2015

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